WireFusion 6.0 beta 3  
Size: ~70 MB
Version: beta
Build date: August 1 2011
Important: Uninstall any previous WireFusion 6 beta installations before installing this beta
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What's new in WireFusion 6

These are some of the new features in WireFusion 6:

  • The 3D Scene dialog GUI has been reworked and vastly improved, with some highlights including:
    • A second column in the Objects listing, configurable to show different parameters, and the possibility to sort the objects on that parameter.
    • A new Material tab gives the possibility to work with Materials in the 3D Scene.
    • Option to Add and Remove objects
    • A new X3D Graph tab that provides easy overview of the X3D Scene Graph, which is useful in 3D API programming. The X3D Graph also allows additional configuration of certain nodes (Transform, Viewpoint, TextureTransform, Light nodes)
    • There is a new configuration/optimization tool for maps, with configurable image processing filters, compression optimization, configurable dimension, editing of textures directly in your favorite image processor, etc.
    • Several reflection map blending modes has been added to the 3D Scene dialog.
  • Improved 3D data (Scene Graph) architecture that saves memory on reused objects and textures.
  • In 3D Scene, a Pixelation parameter has been added to Speedup mode, allowing for faster navigation.
  • Automatic conversion of out-port data to match in-port parameters, allows for wire creation between non matching ports. Most data types can be automatically converted between each other. If, for example, a Text parameter is sent to a Number in-port, WireFusion will attempt to convert the Text to a Number.
  • A Material object has been added to the 3D category.
  • A Navigation Panel object has been added to the 3D category, for fast creation of navigation panels.
  • A new feature has been added to the Image object, making it very easy to let Applet presentation clients select custom images from their local hard drive. Signing of the Applets is not needed! JSP support on the server is required.
  • Non modal WireFusion object dialogs. Now, you don't need to close the 3D Scene dialog each time you want to preview the project. Just click "Apply" in the 3D Scene dialog and then click "preview" in the main WireFusion dialog. Another example of possibilities with the non modal dialogs, is that you can have multiple object dialogs open simultaneously, for example a Java object dialog and a 3D Scene dialog.
  • Support for a new JavaScript/HTML player that renders the frames on the server side (requires an add-on). It runs on any HTML4 browser, and will hence work on Android and IPhone/IPad devices for example. You will hear more from us about this exciting new feature soon.
  • A New Project wizard.
  • Custom TrueType font files supported in all widgets that display texts (except the Image widgets, like ImageButton).
  • An advanced Find function, found in the Edit menu in the main WireFusion window.
  • Periodic auto saving. If the computer or WireFusion will crash, then the latest auto saved version will be loaded the next time you start WireFusion.
  • Publish as Windows Executable and fullscreen OpenGL.
  • A new Timeline object (Animation category).
  • An On-Off Switch and a MultiSwitch object (Logic category).
  • A Stage zoom-in function. Use scroll wheel on the Stage to zoom in.
  • Specification of a background image in Scene Properties.
  • Multipart POST using the Submit object. With this feature, one can for example easily submit screenshots. The submit protocol is compatible with standard HTML submit.
  • The memory usage of the player has been optimized.
  • Preview as OpenGL.
  • Improved VRML/X3D support.

System requirements for authoring

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Hardware-accelerated OpenGL 1.5 or higher (*)
  • 1024 MB of available RAM or more
  • 300 MB available hard-disk space
  • 1024x768 resolution or higher
  • Internet connection required for product activation and updates
  • (*) Only required when presentations are published with OpenGL acceleration.


Bug reports/feedback

Please inform us of any bugs you may find. A bug report form is found here. If you have any ideas of new features you would like to see in WireFusion 6, please contact us.

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